Friday, April 25, 2008

Still Comprehending...

  • Congratulations: to junior Andrew Nathanson, who has been invited by Google to be a presenter at the Google SketchUp 3D "Base Camp" Conference. Andrew is quite an expert on the 3D graphics program SketchUp, and being asked to present is an honor and clear recognition of his accomplishments. Many of you may have seen his video renderings of the town of Rye, and of the RCDS campus.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What A Day

This morning, I drove to school, parked in the lot, and trekked into school. Two hours into the morning, I gave my speech for President of the Senior Class. That should have been the biggest thing of the day. Too bad.

During my free, I checked my email, like I so often do. A message with the subject line "Could you please stop by and see me :-)" from Mr. Bartels. Figuring it was about my Architecture Independent Study, but never sure, I scampered down to the tech center. No one. It was later that I realized Mr. Bartels was teaching AP Computer Science during that block (ironically, only because I had previously dropped that class)

About half an hour later, I was getting ready to go to math when Mr. Bartels found me and brought me back to his office.

"I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?" he asked. "Bad news"
was my answer.

"You have a lot of work ahead of you, and some work and time demands."

"Ok. And the good news?"

I don't quite remember the next few sentences, let alone minutes. Everything began to blur. The conversation, paraphrased, went something like this:

"I submitted your resume to SketchUp and they would like you to present at 3D Basecamp in June. Air travel and hotel expenses paid."

*Blank stare.*

"What?" ...the only question I could think of.

"The only catch," Mr. Bartels continued, "is you'll need an adult to travel with you. Their expenses will be paid for by Google too."

"No way."

Thus began my day. That is, thus began my day being on cloud 9. Even as I write this summary, it still hasn't sunken in.

After Math, I headed over to the Performing Arts Center, one of the few places where you can "illegally" use your cell phone without being caught. I called my dad at the office first. He picked up and was ecstatic. I called my mom on her cell, had a poor connection, but after two tries was able to relay the basic information of the day. All in all the conversation summed up the day: "Remember the SketchUp conference I wanted to go to? Remember how you joked that I could go if they paid for me? Well they are!"

The rest of the day was a blur. I spent my afternoon free and Choir clutching a printout, the first page of which is how I introduced the situation to friends and teachers. I held the paper out and said, "Read this."

Hello Fred,

I'm happy to say we'd love it if Andrew would present at our 3D Base Camp. He would need to have an adult accompany him. We would pay travel and lodging expenses for both. If you could put me in touch with Andrew, we can work out the details on everything, including what he will actually present. The team here is quite excited to hear Andrew's story. Thanks for recommending him.
June 11-13. Mountain View, CA. Googleplex. Holy shit*.

More to come...

*pardon the language. In my opinion, it is warranted.