Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 Days

The presentation is done, the handout is done, school is done. I'll post them both on this site once they go public and/or after the actual presentation.

So basically, I'm absurdly excited for this. The idea of going to Google astounds me still. Going as a presenter and on their money is still distant. This might just be every geek's dream.

I wrote the presentation with some humor and zest. I've got a story to tell, not a product or tool to sell or show. I want to incorporate so many thing from SketchUp in terms of education to SketchUp's effect on one person's life.

In an email yesterday from the folks at Google, they wrote that they'll be recording all the presentations and putting them on YouTube. I'll be posting the link here once that happens.
They'll also have a "presenter ready room" ... I don't know. Thats cool.

If this post makes absolutely no sense, I'm sorry. My brain is... off :)


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