Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Recap

I woke up about 6, got to Google about 7:45, then just chilled with new friends until about 8:50. It was then when Allyson brought us up to Seville where I set up my presentation.

Then I presented. And it went fine.

The biggest request I got, however, was for access to my movies, slides, and information about my projects. Since I included my blog link on the presentation, I'll put a post related to just these items.

After the presentation ended and the adrenaline died down, we visited the Google store one last time to swap one sweatshirt and pick up some other pieces of paraphernalia. I'm honestly coming home with close to 15 Google articles of clothing (of course, not all are for me.)

Deciding not to do any of the ongoing sessions, I spent time in the Basecamp tent talking to people and just relaxing. One of the people I met in person over these last few days was Chris Fullmer. I originally came into contact with Chris in the summer of '06 when he began a website called SuWiki (You guessed it, a SketchUp Wiki.) I was asked to be a judge for their logo contest. It was a surreal experience to meet someone like Chris whom I had only known as an email address or avatar. I had similar opportunities to meet people such as Gaieus, the administrator of the SketchUp Community Forums and Aidan, the "Steve Jobs" of SketchUp, if you will. I also has the wonderful (kinda inspiring even) opprotunity to meet people who had read my blog and to see the comments from those who had, but were unable to attend either Basecamp or my presentation.

Following another delicious lunch from Charlie's (today it was "General David's Chicken" among other items,) we headed into Tunis, another presentation room, to see the results of the Architecture for Humanity/SketchUp challenge.

Here's the deal: following Cameron Sinclair's keynote, he posed a challenge to the 3DBC participants (read the keynote post for information about what his group does first.) The challenge: build a fully portable youth soccer stadium for a team of street kids from Brazil while incorporating an entrepreneurial or "green" aspect. Groups who completed the task had 3 minutes to present and explain their model to attendees and judges before first, second, and third place 3DBC winners were announced. This challenge is going global within the next few hours and will be open to anyone in the world (with cash prizes) through the end of the month. I'll post more information as it becomes available.

Anyway, following all this, we ended up leaving Google after saying our goodbyes and such. We took the Caltrain (MetroNorth of California, basically) to San Fransisco. En route, we were joined by my dad's Milburn (NJ) High School friend, Billy. We went to the San Fransisco Giants (vs. Oakland A's) game with Billy's family.

In true California fashion, we made an In-N-Out Burger run upon arrival to Mountain View after returning from the game.

Now we're back. And I'm exhausted.

I'll put up pictures and the presentation information (I promise) tomorrow upon return to New York in the late afternoon.

Until then, thank you for reading this blog. Whether you were here at 3DBC and I met you, you came to my presentation, or we didn't meet, or if I provided you with 3DBC updates from afar, thanks for following along. For the foreseeable future, I'll be continuing this blog, so please continue to read.


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Laurie said...

Hi Andrew,
As I write this you are probably still sound asleep, with a plane flight to New York awaiting you later today. I have enjoyed reading your posts; your writing has painted pictures packed with the flavor, scenery and excitement of 3D Basecamp and it has been a pleasure to "watch" the story unfold.
What an experience and adventure!!
See you Monday at noon :-)
Mrs B