Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goog Morning

The spelling of this post was an accident, but I decided to leave it.

So it's 7:30 am and I'm adjusted to California time. At about 10 last night (1 EST) I began to crash and my, that was a deep sleep.

So I've woken up and after [complimentary] breakfast, (this hotel is, shall we say, "off the hook") it's off to Google for registration.

This'll be a long (THE longest) day of the stay, so I probably (maybe) won't be on the internet as much. After registration, there's the opening lunch at 11:45 at Charlie's Cafe (location #22), 3 workshops, a cocktail party for the SketchUp Education attendees (which apparently includes 29 students, of college age I presume. I'll follow up,) then the opening dinner with Keynote speaker Cameron Sinclair.

Should be fun :)



Laurie said...

So am curious if your Dad gets to be part of the Google experience because you are a minor? Or does he have to drop you off and then leave, in which case he is most likely off looking for a disguise that will get him in to the sessions ;-)

Mrs B

Andrew Nathanson said...

yes, he gets to be part of the experience if he wishes. Thus far, yes.