Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keynote & Partying.... Google Style

Last night, we entered Charlie's to see a totally different layout than what had been there for lunch:Cameron Sinclair gave the keynote. He leads a volunteer architect team that organizes volunteers to design and build new homes in disaster areas, like the tsunami and Katrina. All very very interesting. And he's a great speaker.

Then it was off to the BBQ where we sat with a college senior and two young architects from Oregon. My dad and I ended up playing 3 games of pool against some of the other guys there, too. A band, aptly named "The Experience" played.

En route to the restrooms, I noticed the live search projection. That is, in the lobby, a projector displays seemingly every search currently being put into Google. I tell you, it's extremly easy to get lost watching this list form... and every so often an entertaining one comes up. One of my favorites was "Best Brothels."


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