Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reporting from Kiev

This place is crazy. We showed up this morning and spent our time meeting "Googlers," other presenters, and attendees. The central quad of Google has a huge tent, a smaller sample tent, and a stage. Oh, and a Google "Micro-Kitchen".... a.k.a. free food. and lots of it. I met Jon and Allyson and spent most of the morning sitting with Allyson, Diego Matho, and Paul Moore. Diego and Paul are professors at Boston Architectural College and Diego is also a presenter (also under the control of Allyson.) We got a tour of campus (kinda) which included seeing Charley's Cafe, the three presentation rooms, the Presenter Ready Room, and some offices. Very cool.

Then lunch at Charley's. It's basically like the best college cafeteria I've ever seen... only this isn't college. The food at Google is hyped beyond belief.. the result: it's all true.

I'm now in a presentation discussing how to use the Google applications (Youtube, Blogger, 3d Warehouse, etc.) to promote your model. I know some of this stuff, but there's some amazing stuff I'm learning. It's SketchUp from every aspect possible... Google, marketing, and sales.

More to come. Pictures too.


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