Sunday, June 8, 2008

So soon...

So Gaieus has made a communal Picasa Web Album for all attendees to post their pictures to. I'll try my best to post my pictures to MY picasa album and put the nify little slideshows on this blog. I'll post my best on the communal one, probably. Google has free wifi (cmon, it's google) but I don't know what my timing and availability will be.) I'm actually looking forward to meeting some of these people who I've only known as computer aliases or email contacts.

I received the Google Non-disclosure agreement via email a few days ago. Nothing to worry about, and it seems that we can still take pictures. Basically, if they announce to us that they're building nuclear bombs or something, it means I can't tell you. I would post it here, if it weren't labeled confidential. As discussed on the SketchUp Community Forums, it doesn't seem to be 3D Basecamp-specific. That is, anyone who visited the campus for any reason would have to sign it.

I guess I'll pack tonight, but it should be fun. Of the technological things I'm bringing, there's the laptop, my dad's Windows laptop (to work as a backup, if necessary,) at least 3, maybe 4 DSLRs and point-n-shoots between the two of us, and my portable external hard drive. The external hard drive (damn, I feel like a secret service person or something in the way I write this) will never be with me. During travel, it will always be on my dad or in another secure location. It's got, not only my entire laptop backed up, but also my presentation and such. Basically, it will be available if we run into computer issues.

I'm giving SketchUp until Tuesday night to post the outlines/handouts for the sessions (mine included.) Otherwise, I guess, I'll just put mine up here.

Incidentally, Monday is WWDC. That means Monday is the Steve Jobs keynote. 3G iPhone, anyone? That'll be going on all week in San Fransisco.

WWDC, 3DBC, and Digital Wave, all in one week! Can it get any geekier?

For the record, In-N-Out Burger is really close to both The Grand and Googleplex. YESSSSSS!

(the yellow marker is the hotel, the green marker is Googleplex and the little flames are In-N-Outs :)

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