Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taking a break

I opted not to go to my 3rd session of the day. None of the choices appealed to me and, honestly, I needed a break. I actually instant messaged with Mrs. Rees for a moment before having a conversation with Jon, the guy running this whole thing. I had to pull away from my conversation with Mrs Rees because of it.

As I sit here and type under the tent, workers are putting the legs on an air hockey table, a pool table, and a ping pong table for tonight's dinner. There are two foosball tables too. So Google.

Google has hundreds of blue bikes that are everywhere. Find any one, ride it to wherever you want to go, then just leave it. So I picked up a bike and got going... only when I neared the road, I noticed there were no breaks. It took me a minute to realize that pedaling backwards, just like a bike with training wheels, stops the bike. Too bad I realized that after I almost crashed.

This afternoon, I did a session on using the Google products to advance your models followed by a session on building "Green." Both were very interesting for the most part...

Tonight is the Keynote followed by a BBQ and music.

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Laurie said...

Dear Andrew,
We feel like we are there with you! Both Mr Bartels and I are thoroughly enjoying your words and pictures, the combination of which truly convey a sense of place and excitement and amazement; you are painting a picture and it is coming alive.

Thank you for making us feel like we are there, too.

Till your next post,
Mr and Mrs B