Friday, June 13, 2008


I don't think I can really create a post title that's any more fitting than "Wow." That's exactly what this day has been: Wow.

Let me start with last night, my sleeping to be exact. It came to me, for some obscure reason (during my sleep) that RCDS bares a striking resemblance to Googleplex. 50% of my time thus far at Googleplex has been spent in and around the tent in the main "quad." I realized that the view I've been exposed to for the past day resembles the view one has at RCDS when exiting the big glass thing we call the cafateria. To the left side of both pictures, there's a bridge. For RCDS, it's a library, for Google, it's an air-bridge.

In my last post, I forgot to mention I made a trip to the Google company store. I did some damage. Basically, there won't be a day for the next 2 years where something on me will say Google.

This afternoon since my last post has been interesting as well. The session I went to at the end of the day was called "Cool SketchUp Stuff." This was originally the presentation I was supposed to be a part of. Three presenters (I guess I would have been one of them) showed 3 unique uses of SketchUp. Let me recap them (not in the correct order, intentionally):

First was a guy from Sweet Onion Creations, a group that takes SketchUp models and prints them in 3D. Basically, instead of your printer spitting one layer of ink on a paper, it puts down a layer of clay, then a layer on top, then another, then another... eventually creating a physical model of up to 8 inches. That's pretty sweet.

Presenting third was Rob Bell who hooks SketchUp to a woodworking table. His work in SketchUp then gets created in physical space by a drill on a track that takes away bit by bit of the plywood on the woodworking table. Here's a picture of him sampling.

The second person to present (who I'm mentioning last) was John Martin who demo'd a program called iClone. Simply put, iClone takes a SketchUp model and uses is as a background or prop for an animation. You can make people walk down the street, or have the camera fly around a car as it moves down the road. It was only earlier today when my dad asked, "When's SketchUp going to become an animation tool?"

Well, about an hour later, I ran into John in the elevator of our hotel and introduced myself. He had read my bio and actually offered a copy of iClone for free. Within 5 minutes, I had ended up in the doorway of his hotel room getting a free copy of both iClone and his other product, CrazyTalk. I'll give them both a try and report back. I can't thank him enough, though, for the unexpected software!

After that, it was off to dinner at a local fish place, then back to the hotel where about 10 presenters and attendees were preparing for a secret meeting (regarding SketchUp 7??) My dad and I spent more time talking with Diego, then headed back upstairs to where I sit and write this now.

That's all for tonight. I present tomorrow morning, and it should go well. If it doesn't, then I guess I'm not coming home.


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