Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 Years, 2 Dreams

Four years ago, as a freshman surviving the first month of high school, we were given a small assignment. In Life Skills class, a class taught by Peer Leaders, a group of Juniors and Seniors. It was simple, just write a letter to your future self. As an annual tradition, Seniors open their letters during the month of September... and today was the day I received mine.

Two things stuck me as amazing, in regard to the paths my life has taken over the last four years. Sure, I mentioned that when I was writing it, the top news was the fourth anniversary of 9/11, and that Hurricane Katrina had just struck, but these other messages I wrote to myself were more important.

"Self-- By the time I read this, I hope that...I have continued to work with the City of Rye."
At the time I wrote the letter, the only work that I had done with the City of Rye was a voulentary few meetings and a "modern" version of my Rye: 3D. The following two summers after writing the letter, I had the pleasure of being an intern in the City Planning Department.

Success? Yes.

"..I hope that... I have continued to succeed at SketchUp and hopefully gone to the users confrence (sic) once"
This one, this one I was most excited to read this afternoon... I wrote the sentence above during my freshman year because it was then when the first 3D Basecamp took place, back in 2005 in Boulder. Though I wanted to go, there was no way my parents would ever let me go.

Success? Yes, and so much more.
I went in 2008 (since that's what this whole blog is about...) and of course, I presented. It changed my life, and having seen today's letter only made me more proud of my accomplishments at Basecamp in June.

I wish that I had done something similar to this letter, but only let it sit idle for longer. I still have reletivly vivid memories of writing the letter, where I was sitting in the classroom, and what was going on in my life. Ideally, if I were to write another letter, it wouldn't be opened until the point in which I had forgotten about it's existance.

I wonder what it would include...


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Laurie said...

I smiled at reading this post. Visualizing what you want can make it happen, at least that's the theory, and I guess it's proved true by your letter's contents :-)

Mrs B