Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yankee Stadium: A New Era

Back in September, 2008 I reflected on the closing of what's not referred to as the "Old" Yankee Stadium.

A week ago today, I had the pleasure of making my first trip to the New Yankee Stadium. And it was an experience.

Overall, I truly like the new stadium, and I think it really feels like Yankee Stadium should. For one thing, it's spotless. That'll surely change over time, so savor it now, but it's nice to be in a clean stadium for once. It really feels like the old stadium when you're sitting in it, just nicer.

An amazing thing is the open space-- the Great Hall, as well as the open-air section behind the top area of stands. Previously, all the areas of the stadium were fully enclosed, but now the areas where food are sold for the top two tiers of seats has no roof and a view of the sky. It makes SUCH a difference.

The only downside of the stadium is that everything's just so expensive. Also, the lines were somewhat endless (despite bountiful choices off food,) but I think those sort of kinks will be worked out once the building ages a little.

All in all, it does the Yankees justice. But I'll never forget that one day in August, 2006.


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