Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Addiction....to Google Calendar

Well I guess I have not posted here much. Since this is turning into a reminiscence/geeky blog, I will take this opprotunity to proclaim my love. For my calendar.

At RCDS, we had FirstClass, and with that, came FirstClass Calendar. I lived on that thing. I would get a reminder before events of importance, and I would say to people, "If I don't get this on my calendar right away, I'll forget to be there."

Since heading to college, I've picked up on Google Calendar and, basically, I can not live without it.
With Google Calendar you can have multiple, well... "calendars."
I've got like 15.

First off, I have my "College" calendar, which I set up in September. It has my class schedule, repeating on the appropriate days, until the end of the semester. I also have important, college-official events, like class registration there. All these things show up in Blue.

I've got my own personal calendar in green. I've got a calendar for events that I am employed to photograph at in purple. Zipcar reservations in red.

Here's where it gets fun.

1. I take a pill each morning. Sometimes, but rarely, I forget. I set up a new calendar called "Pill Reminders." Every morning--at a time programmed specifially for 20 minutes before my first class or committment of the day-- I get an email reminder saying, "Have you taken your pill?" With a little smile of technology, each morning, I've begun to nod and respond in my head, "Yes, yes I have." Best of all, this calendar is hidden. I don't see the orange "Pill" event every time I look at my calendar. I only know it's there when I get my morning reminder email.

2. Conn College is putting on Doubt this coming weekend. As part of my Technical Theater class, I had to put in 25 labor hours into the set/costumes/lighting of either this show, or the previous one, The Tempest. I would get an email from the Theater Department with a listing of "crew calls" for the week. At that point, I would put each of those calls into a new calendar called, you guessed it, "Doubt Crew Calls." Often times, this calendar overlapped with other events in my life. In order to try to plan out how I would accomplish my 25 hours of crew time, I created a new calendar: "Doubt Goals." If there was a place when I had a few hours and a crew call was going on, I would create an event in "Doubt Goals" called "Goal: 2.5." If I ended up going for those 2.5 hours, I would change the event to read "Completed: 2.5" then change the calendar from "Doubt Goals" to "Doubt Completed Crew Calls." This way, I could go back and double check how many hours I had completed and how many were left.

3. Finally, I get an email from Google which has everything on my agenda for that one day. With my personal calendar, my class schedule, a zip car reservation, an event to photograph, a Doubt crew call, and a Doubt Goal, those calendars can look pretty crazy.

But that's how I stay organized. And I couldn't live without it.

Thanks, Google Calendar.