Sunday, January 24, 2010

 Greenwich Avenue

Yes, better late than never, but Apple has opened a beautiful new store on Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT. The store opened at 10AM on November 21, 2009.... and I was there! In fact, I was #8 on line, and I arrived at about 7:30 AM.

I should have liveblogged it, or something, but I was a little too tired to care. I had returned, the night before, from college, for an extended Thanksgiving Break.

Anyway, at about 9, they brought out stanchions and moved us to the street-side of the sidewalk, and then the doors opened to great fanfare at 10AM. Upon entering, one was handed a small box (with a t-shirt!) then proceeded to high-five down a long row of staff, all dressed in red. It was probably Apple's day with fewest sales ever at that store. Most people, including myself, were there for the spectacle, not for the purchases.

The line only was 80-100 people deep, wrapping shortly around the corner of the block. After about 10 minutes inside the store, I exited to get on the line again, in a successful attempt to gain an extra shirt for my brother. Later, I befriended an employee who lives in Port Chester and attempted to score an extra shirt for my aunt. There were no more being handed out, so she went in the back to check. About 5 minutes later, the absolute final box of shirts arrived, to great fanfare, with the employee holding the box above his head. As Apple fanboys descended on the box for another free shirt, my friend from Port Chester, at the center of the pile-up, stuck out her arm with a boxed shirt for me. It was time for me to go... a quite successful adventure, but more importantly I can now say I've been to an Apple Store opening.

This Greenwich Apple Store has been very helpful, in terms of it's location. You can ALWAYS get a reservation at the Genius Bar, (unlike The Westchester) and it's a heck of a lot closer to get to than Stamford (When my 30-day-old laptop died this summer, I made a series of 4 trips over 5 days to the Stamford store, fighting i95. One trip, I drove the entire trek on Route 1. Needless to say, Apple staff were generous and understanding. Since the laptop was so new and shouldn't have had such issues so soon, they replaced the computer entirely. Since it was custom-ordered, they facilitated a mail-and-switch system. Within 5 days, I had a new computer.)

Since the Apple Store in Greenwich has opened, I've been there a number of times for purchases and Genious Bar visits alike. I had my laptop's memory cards removed and re-inserted to successfully solve a freezing problem, I've brought my (former) iPod touch, and it was the Genious Bar staff who administered its lasts rites. Finally, I helped my dad purchase his first Mac in person at this store. For once, a store where the staff aren't arrogant, and are willing to find creative solutions to fixing problems. In the case of the memory freezing issue, I couldn't actually get the computer to freeze when I was there, but unlike other stores, the staff actually believed it was happening and didn't need to see proof to help fix the problem.

Here are some photos from my opening day experience.

If anyone from Greenwich Avenue reads this, thanks for your successful customer service and genuine interest in the customer so far. Keep it up, and I'll see you when there's an Slate/ Tablet / Something!



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