Sunday, February 14, 2010

A song

Library. Sunday. Early afternoon. You'd think I should be doing work. And if that's the case, you're absolutely right. Instead, I have chosen to procrastinate. Go figure.

But procrastinating via blogging is somewhat educational. At least it makes your brain get going, mind thinking. What to write about. Geeky... iPad? Valentine's Day? My semester filled with classes I'm thoroughly enjoying?

Not sure why, but this post is a little different. Today, I woke up at about 11, quite well rested, took a shower, and went to breakfast. On a side note, it was an amazing breakfast.

When I got up to clear my stuff, a song came into my head. Well, lyrics that I couldn't place. "Crying who will help me...." Just those 5 words. I knew it was something recent, something from a show? from choir?

I realized it was from the RCDS Festival Chorus concert, this year, which I returned home for. A beautiful song entitled Prayer of the Children, by Kurt Bestor.

Unfortunately, this song also had negative connotations, despite its beauty. In that concert, it was dedicated to the father of a friend who had been killed in the Haiti earthquake. He had worked for the United Nations, and of all people, he was in that country working for peace. I still love the song, and its dedication to him made it even more powerful.



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