Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lightning Strikes Twice

Two summers ago, I had the honor and great fortune of being invited to Google SketchUp's 3D BaseCamp. Not only was I invited, but I was asked to give a presentation! I was 17 at the time, the youngest attendee, let alone presenter. So young, in fact, that Google not only flew me to their Mountain View Headquarters (lovingly referred to as Googleplex,) but flew my dad to be my chaperone as well. Those three days of 3D BaseCamp 2008 were some of the most remarkable days of my life.

I was at the center of the digital world, Google's HQ, and I was speaking to an audience of professionals telling the story of how SketchUp changed my life: a learning tool, a tool that helped me get employed, and (since,) a tool that cirtainly helped me find the school of my choice (That being--shameless plug--Connecticut College.) Most importantly, SketchUp became my new canvas. I moved from building blocks to SketchUp's digital canvas, and it was really thanks to SketchUp that I've become interested in architecture.

[tl;dr: I was at Google's Headquarters for 3DBC in 2008, was the only student, and gave a presentation. SketchUp introduced me to architecture, my study in college]

So here's the important part (SKIP TO HERE):
I've been honored to be invited to Google SketchUp's 3D BaseCamp 2010, this coming September. This time, BaseCamp is being held in Boulder, CO., and is in unconference format. I won't be presenting again, but being able to go is truly an honor, for there was no registration process for the conference. Instead, you had to be nominated.

So, from August 31st-September 3rd, I'll be more than half-way across the country. I'll be missing sophomore year move in day, as well as the first two days of classes (really, only one day; I don't have classes on Fridays this semester).... but I KNOW this trip will be worth it.

I NEVER thought I'd go to Google's headquarters in my life.... for a geek like myself, that's just an unattainable fantasy. Not only did I go, AND present, but I've been invited back--abeit a different campus--for another life-changing trip. Lightening can strike twice, I guess.

I'll be reviving this blog for the trip--and hopefully for the future, too. Be sure to check back here.
More to come!



Laurie said...

Yeehah! By the way, did you know that SketchUp BEGAN in Boulder, before it was purchased by Google :-)

Looking forward to reading about this next adventure!

Andrew Nathanson said...

Yes, most certainly. Thanks to you, actually, and your 7th Grade Computer Skills class, I remember when SketchUp was owned by @Last. When I first heard about the acquisition by Google, even though they said it was not a joke, I still lived in denial/surprise for about a month before accepting reality.

Talk to you soon!