Thursday, September 2, 2010

3D Basecamp Day 1 Recap

Ok, time for an update. We’re half way through day 2, the “unconference day,” but let me spend this blog post updating you loyal readers on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

After an uneventful flight to Denver and a SuperShuttle ride to the Best Western here in Boulder, I finally arrived on Tuesday night. At about 10PM local time (so, midnight at home,) I checked into my room and began a search for dinner… Uncrustables on the plane were great, but not sufficient. I found a pub next door to the hotel, then returned to my room for the night.

I woke up Wednesday morning at about 8:20 here. Check-in and brunch began, technically, at 10, but I took some time to walk all the way down Pearl Street, the same street the Google Boulder offices are located on. About 4 miles away, I came across the pedestrian plaza and “downtown” area.

After I returned to Google, actually the Dairy Center for the Arts—a performance and conference space two doors away from the Google office where most of the conference is being held—I checked in and got an awesome backpack and shirt. And most importantly, a nametag.

After an hour and a half of talking to old SketchUpers and meeting new ones, we filed into the [beautifully “basecamp” themed] hall for the Keynote. SketchUp 8 was announced with three major upgrades and advancements, including greater access and connection to and with Google Maps/terrain/Google Earth, the introduction of “solid” objects with cubic measurements of volume and Boolean tools for cutting intersections between solids, and advancements in LayOut.

Following the Keynote, a surprise 10th birthday celebration for SketchUp with cake and Google-colored cupcakes. Photos coming soon. Also, bamboo USB memory pens with SketchUp 8 trials pre-loaded.

After returning to the hotel for a few moments, I was back to the Dairy Center as groups of likeminded users (education/everything, Ruby Scripters, Supermodelers, SketchUp Sages, BetaTesters, etc) went to dinner in groups. I retuned with a group of 11 other SketchUpers to the same pub as the prior night. After dinner, I gave SketchUp 8 a spin with another user here, before heading to bed.

That’s all for now!


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