Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If Only They Built It.... Pool

This is the first post in a series called If Only They Built It... My use of SketchUp began in 7th grade and that year, I made an elaborate model of my school, Rye Country Day School (I'm now an alum.) Between 7th and 9th grades, I copied my school model and made additions and changes I wished to see in real life, some with excruciating detail. 8 years later, it's time to revisit those ideas. Click images for larger views.


Rye Country Day School, sadly, does not have a pool, nor a swim team. In the existing parking space just north of the LaGrange Field House, I "dug" out the steep hill to create an indoor pool and a second-floor viewing area for the Field House and pool facility.

View from the fields

View from within the Field House to the viewing area

Ariel View
View of seating area in pool facility
You can see the multipurpose room/squash courts here. The locker room doorway connects with the existing hallway behind the lockers.

View If Only They Build It.... @RCDS in a larger map

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