Thursday, November 4, 2010

If Only They Built It... ART GALLERY

This is part of a series called If Only They Built It... My use of SketchUp began in 7th grade and that year, I made an elaborate model of my school, Rye Country Day School (I'm now an alum.) Between 7th and 9th grades, I copied my school model and made additions and changes I wished to see in real life, some with excruciating detail. 8 years later, it's time to revisit those ideas. Click images for larger views.


In 2004, a middle school art teacher and I were having a conversation about display space on campus. This conversation inspired me to design an art gallery and lecture space addition to the Dunn Performing Arts Center. I knew that the school was interested in a lecture hall, and that project transformed itself into the Pinkham Building addition, "Wildcat Hall" project (now officially "Memorial Hall,") for which construction began in the summer of 2009. My art gallery space, named after my grandmother who was an artist, was a two story addition to the Foyer of the PAC and had gallery space on the first floor, with the second floor available for additional displays or lecture seating.

View from above

Second floor in lecture setup

View of first floor gallery space

View up on new courtyard connecting arts the gallery with the Performing Arts Center foyer

View from Grandview Ave.

Ariel view of the first floor in gallery set-up

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